I am getting married tomorrow and I can't wait!!! 


What's wrong with me?

I am not a calm person. I get anxious and nervous about all sorts of things. I am cranky and not at all the type of person you'd call laid back. Call me emotional if you need to, but I am the type of person who will sob over an episode of "24" (if you've ever seen that show then you'll know why that's crazy) or get absolutely livid over something that Bill O'Reilly says even though I know it's all for TV. I am easily offended and get my feelings hurt often. I'm defensive and sometimes a little mean. I promise I have good traits but I say all this to prove that I am not a calm person.

I haven't freaked out about my wedding yet. Does this mean I am somehow deformed? Seriously, what's wrong with me? Derek's grandmother got put in the hospital yesterday for a mild stroke and will have to be there until at least Thursday, meaning that the only grandmother in the whole wedding could miss out. But I'm not the least bit concerned about that. I'm very concerned for her health, but not at all for my wedding. I haven't really discussed the wedding cake with the caterer at all, but I could care less. It's just cake right? The programs are all crooked and crazy because Staples is stupid, but I'm really not worried. I mean, I figure I'll just get it fixed.

If you had asked me when I first got engaged if I thought I would be a Bridezilla I would have lied and said no. But in my heart I fully believed that I would look something like this the week of my wedding

But I am calm. Nothing is shaking me. When trouble comes my way I deal with it. Who is this freakishly mature person that has taken over my body? I keep waiting for the usual feeling of anxiety to take over, but things are just rolling right off of me. Did God actually answer my prayers in the exact way I wanted for once? Maybe it's easier because I know the wedding is just one day and doesn't matter all that much in the grand scheme of things. I'm going to be married for the rest of my life and there's nothing that can change that. Or maybe an alien has taken posession of my body and I'll implode soon. I guess we'll just have to see...



Be warned: the posts for the next few weeks will probably completely revolve around my wedding.

I haven't really talked much about my wedding plans, my future husband, or even how incredibly excited I am to be getting married in just 9 short days! Forgive me. I just know how annoying and overwhelming it can be to have someone talk about only one thing for days, weeks and even months on end so I've avoided it to this point. But up until now I've also been as cool as a cucumber. Sure I've been excited, but not shriek with joy do cartwheels across the room constant butterflies in my stomach excited. Until about 10 minutes ago.

Suddenly it hit me. I'M GETTING MARRIED! Of course I knew that already. I mean, I have the ring and the dress and I've been planning and doing stuff non-stop for 2.5 months (yeah this is one of those super quick weddings - no I'm not pregnant), but it's like it hasn't really hit me until now. Now I'm ready. Now I'm excited. Now I can't wait!

You see, in 9 days I'll marry the perfect man for me. Is he what I imagined? Not at all. I was supposed to marry Zac Hanson, I mean, not really Zac Hanson, but basically the same. In my head I was going to marry a drummer, who was goofy and artistic and a little bit of a hipster. Except that was all wrong for me. But, suddenly Derek appears and I realize that what I really want is someone who is incredibly smart and the sweetest person ever. I needed someone who could read me like a book. I had secretly been hoping for someone who "cared about shit" as much as I do. And ultimately I couldn't live without this specific someone who was meant just for me.

Derek and I are incredibly different in so many ways. I'm loud and he's quiet. I'm snobby about so many things, but he's always so down to earth. I'm easily angered and he's calm and rational. We don't like the same music or tv shows, sometimes we don't even like the same people, but we adore each other and that seems to be enough.

I'm not quite as flighty and mushy as this probably makes me sound, but the point is - I'm getting married and I can't wait! At this point it's so not about the wedding, it's just about getting to be with this person for the rest of my life. WOO HOO!


You should check this out...

So I thought I'd share a few things/websites that I love with you and why they're so great!

Tom's is so great because a. the shoes are sooooooooo comfortable and b. because for every pair of shoes you buy a pair is given to a child who doesn't have shoes. Click on the link to do some shopping and find out more about this great cause. Oh, and as a bonus the shoes are sweatshop free which you'll see is a huge deal to me!

Hanson (yeah the same guys who sang MMMBop back in 1997) are my favorite band! They sound a lot different than they did when they first came out, but that's because they were 11 and we all sound different than we did at that age. The great things about they're website is that you can listen to their whole new album for free, you can find out about all the great work they're doing with the AIDS crisis in Africa, and you can look at all the beautiful pictures of them! I dare you to give them another chance.

I've already mentioned that I love Barack Obama. I can't wait to vote for him in November. I guess it's a cliche thing for someone my age to love Barack, but I'd like to say that I don't just love him because of an ambiguous promise for change or because he's charismatic and gives good speeches or even because he's biracial. I love him because I believe in his policies. I don't agree with him on everything, but I definitely think his leadership is the right direction. The great thing about his website is that you can easily find information on his policies and there's a great fact checking section for you to research all those rumors you hear about him on the internet.

I don't have a pic for this one, but this is a Fair Trade/Organic Coffee Company out of Americus, GA. They have the most delicious coffee ever and they only use Fairly Traded coffee (Fair Trade is another big passion of mine). Try some pleeeease!

The Open Door Community is where I did my internship in college and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Open Door in and Intentional Christian Community that serves the Homeless of Atlanta. They also have a ministry with Death Row inmates in the State of Georgia and the lobby for the rights of the poor. I love them and they are my forever friends! So if you live in the Atlanta area and you want to do some volunteering or great worship, then visit the website and plan to go!

Okay, so finally something about being United Methodist. I love the United Methodist Church. I'm pretty sure God created me specifically to be United Methodist. No we're not perfect, in fact we suck a lot sometimes, but we can be awesome. The best part of the UMC (in my opinion) is the General Board of Church and Society. My life's goal is to work at the GBCS office in Washington, D.C. Check out the website to see a little more about what they do and how they try to create change in the ways the country works to reflect the Kingdom of God just a little more.
So, after all that hopefully you'll know a little more about me. Oh, and if you have time you should probably stop by www.petfinder.com too to find a cuddly little friend to come live with you!!!


Oh the happenings

Well this weekend/morning has been quite eventful.

Friday Night
My tire was shredded by something nasty and mean. I don't like it.

The almost husband and I went to a wedding which only made me that much more excited about getting married in 12 days! He was so super cute in a suit :) . After seeing the Unity Candle disaster at this weekend's wedding I'm even more glad that we aren't having anything lit at our wedding. Congratulations to Brad and Jasmine though - I know how happy they will be together! (You could tell by the mondo kiss he planted on her)

After I slept in and completely missed church, Derek and I went to Ikea (the land of goodness!). My mom gifted us a slightly used sofa (which is soooo comfy) and so we needed extras to go with it. We picked out the cheapest chair and loveseat that they had and I absolutely love it! Seriously, I bow to the Ikea gods for their excellence. But if you've ever been there you know how overwhelming it can be and just how stressful on a relationship. I think every couple I see in there is arguing at some point.

Then we met with my fabulous former roommate and her love at The Vortex in the ATL. I'd never been there before but the burgers lived up to the promise. It was delicious!

After a great time of chatting and stuffing our faces we headed back through the horrific ATL traffic just in time to prevent the dogs from peeing on the carpet (they really aren't good at the potty training thing). Then I put the new furniture together all by myself (no Derek isn't a slacker - he was returning the SUV we borrowed to get the furniture in and grabbing some stuff from his house to start moving in!). Really it just consisted of screwing in legs to the bottoms of the chair, but Ikea instructions have no words so you have to decipher pictograms first which is half the battle. It's like being 5 again except they expect you to know what you're doing and use tools. Ikea should work on that - you'd think they could afford translators for instructions. Once my living room was all pretty we started organizing a few of Derek's belongings (which meant I had to give up some coveted closet space). But I'm so excited that he's almost my husband/roomie! I've never lived with a boy before, and I hear they're gross but I'm looking forward to it anyway.

After the wonderful night before I got to work this morning only to find that all the laptops had been stolen from our office. So my colleagues and I are left to sit in a computer lab and keep ourselves busy while being really mad at the stupid person who theived from us. Just another day in the Admissions Office...


The First One!

I'm Amber and along with my friends/colleagues I'll be blogging. I'll probably write about anything and everything.

I'm 23 and getting married in 15 short days to the love of my life (can't wait!). We have two dogs - a terrier mix named Darby and a chihuahua named Barkley. Those three definitely keep my life interesting and I wouldn't have it any other way because I love them all!

I work as a Admissions Counselor for my alma mater and I love it! It's pretty great that I have a job where I just get to tell people about something that was so important to me and that I love so much. The only downfall is that I have to lug around 20-30 lbs. of materials to do it with. Oh well, life could be harder.

After my(soon to be) husband is done with his undergraduate degree I'll go on to pursue my Master's of Divinity and be ordained in the United Methodist Church. One day I plan to do social justice ministry and hopefully change the world just a little for the better.

A few more things you should know about me: I'm probably surprisingly liberal, I do not care for babies and I don't plan to have one (I'm just going to adopy middle schoolers), I am extremely passionate which can sometimes come off as angry (I'm working on it), and I really really really love Harry Potter, Hanson, NPR and Barack Obama!

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