Happy Halloween!

So this if our first Halloween as a family. Really, it's our first major holiday as a family and I was super excited about having candy for trick-or-treaters. But then I found out that we really won't have any because we live in an apartment complex that has pretty much no children (but lots of sweet elderly ladies that I love!). So instead, Derek and I will be joining his parents and little brother and going to a fabulously fun fall festival held by a local church. This is not your typical fall festival though - there's free admission for everyone with games, food, and lots and lots of candy. Apparently there are children EVERYWHERE at this thing. So I'm excited, because while I don't love children, I do love kids in costumes! Does it really get any cuter? I don't think so anyway.

Hope you have a wonderful, safe, HAPPY Halloween!


I know you'll be shocked...

but I just went and voted for Obama/Biden! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

Vote early - it's easier!


Yes we can

Like I'm sure many of you are, I'm watching Barack Obama tonight. I know that some people doubt his capability, but I think you have to admit that he seems pretty darn presidential. But even if he didn't seem presidential at all, I still think that he would be the best candidate that we possibly have. I am tearing up just watching his speech, not because of the flowery words, or the background music, but because I can see hope and opportunity on the horizon. I know that if he is elected president that we will be better off. I fully believe that for the first time in far too long, our government will be most concerned with the well being of the people of America (and hopefully the world) and not just the corporations of America. I think that he is a man of his word, and his words are empowering.

I finally see what we are capable of becoming.



Okay, so apparently I have trouble adhering to posting about sustainability on Sundays, so I guess I'll give up that constraint and just do it whenever I feel like it. Lucky for you, I feel like it today!

You know how every time you're in the grocery store you see all those reusable bags for sale for roughly $.99? Have you bought any yet? If not, then why friend?! They're great! I don't know about all of you, but I'm one of those people who saves all the plastic bags that I get from shopping and use them as lunch boxes, stuff carriers, bathroom trashcan liners, etc. But I still seem to always have so many! They overflow and take over my kitchen and look awful and accumulate until I can bring myself to take them to the plastic bag recycling bin at Publix (did you know that you can recycle plastic bags? Check your local grocery store for the bin!). But now that I have my fabulous, eco-friendly, reusable bags I don't have to worry about that problem!

Sure, buying the ones from your grocery store is great, but let me recommend a set of reusable bags that I absolutely LURVE! They're called Envirosax and they are wonderful! First, they're cute
but more importantly they can hold a ton of stuff! One of my Envirosax holds what 2 regular plastic bags can hold. They fit comfortably on your shoulder which makes it much easier to get them into your house (or in my case up 2 sets of stairs to my apartment!).

But most importantly to me are the enviromental and charitable benefits of buying Envirosax. The problem with the bags in my grocery store is that I have absolutely no idea where they were made, or what products they are made from. But Envirosax are made with sustainable products, and sustainable production processes in mind. Also, a portion of the proceeds are donated to Enviromental charities.

So, if you don't have any reusable bags yet, or you need some more then check out the website and order your favorite patterns right now!



I spent quite some time writing a blog about the stupid things high schoolers say, and that's when blogger decided to freak out so it only saved half of my post. What actually got posted made no sense. Sorry to anyone who had to read that. Maybe one day I can bring myself to recreate it.


Not much to say

I am completely exhausted. I do not sleep well when I am traveling, no matter how comfortable my Hampton Inn (or tonight my Country Inn & Suites) bed may be. It's hard to sleep without my husband being there. There are only two days left. I can make it.

Today I did have a very pleasent afternoon with 4 other college recruiters. We walked around downtown Thomasville, GA. There are tons of cute clothing and home decor boutiques, but they were muy expensive. My favorite though was called Relish and I had a delicious cup of Moutain Green Organic Fair Trade Coffee (look for it in your local grocerty store!) for only $1. However, every city should have a place where you can take naps, cause we seriously needed one today. I was sleepy like woah.

Tomorrow I might just blog about the stupid things that high schoolers ask me on a regular basis. Or maybe there will be something better to blog about... we'll see.


Sustainability Monday

Okay, from now on I promise this will be on Sunday but I had something extremely important to talk about yesterday. Of course, I think sustainability is extremely important as well so that's what we're talking about today.

What is sustainability? Most people think it's just about the environment and global warming, but sustainability is about so much more than that. It's about the environment, but also about the people who live on this earth and our responsibility towards each other. Sustainability is about policies and practices that support both of those.

So in my personal opinion what's the most important part of living a sustainable lifestyle? Fair trade
Right now we're hearing a lot about free trade in our national debates, but very little about fair trade. You know all that stuff that you pick up in Wal-mart or Target that says made in China? Well, none of that is fair trade. Part of Fair Trade certified goods includes that the products must be made in a sweatshop free, worker friendly environment. If the products are clothing or other textiles then you can almost guarantee that they are handmade, artisan crafted, high quality items. If it's coffee, tea, or other food products then you can bet that the products will probably organic, super fresh, and really delicious. How can those things be bad?!

I also feel that you should be warned: fair trade is not always easy for us consumer driven Americans. Fair trade items are often higher than non fair trade. For instance, a beautiful handmade, fair trade scarf made by a widow in India will be more expensive than a cute scarf from Old Navy. But you can guarantee that the quality of the fair trade scarf will be much higher, and that by purchasing that item you are actually helping to change a life. Many Fair Trade items actually include a card with a story about the people who made the product. These products make a difference!

So where do you get these wonderful products? You can find some in your grocery store! Look for this seal on products like Newman's Own brand Coffee or certain teas. Check out these links for amazing Fair Trade products!
Global Exchange
10,000 villages
World of Good
Seriously - there are some great Christmas gifts waiting for your friends and family on these websites! Comment and let everyone know if you find something really fabulous.


Sustainability Sunday...

will be postponed until tomorrow. It's been a crazy day and I had to devote my blogging today to my wonderful husband. Read below to understand why he deserves a whole day just for him!

22 years and so many more to go

Today is my husband's birthday. This is the first birthday that I'm spending with him and I'm so glad that I get to spend every other birthday he ever has with him. He's 22 today (I make fun of him for being so young) and I can only begin to imagine how wonderful the next 22 years will be, and all the years after that. So let me tell you why I love him so very very much!

1. He's so darn cute!
2. He works so incredibly hard for our little family.
3. He's the smartest person I know.
4. He's always calm and relaxed (the exact opposite of me).
5. He's super funny.
6. He always know's what kind of mood I'm in - even if I try to hide it.
7. He's so sweet to our dogs - he loves them.
8. He's even sweeter to his 3 yr. old brother. What woman doesn't love a man who loves kids? (Even though I don't really love kids, it's still adorable).
9. Not only is he smart, but he knows a lot of random stuff. That can be useful.
10. He makes me not hate sports.
11. He's not easily offended (definitely the opposite of me!).
12. He hates to fight which makes it hard to argue with him.
13. He has great taste in movies and music (mostly).
14. He's started listening to NPR even when I'm not in the car with him.
15. He puts up with me watching the dumbest VH1 shows in the world.
16. He's the sweetest man imaginable.
17. He always makes sure I know how much he loves me.
18. He's a great debator.
19. He loves politics and wants to change the world.
20. He has an uncany passion for chips and salsa.
21. He has no idea how amazing he is.
22. He makes me happier than I ever could have imagined.

My husband is great!


2008 National Blog Action Day: Poverty

So today is National Blog Action Day and this year it is focused on Poverty. I think it's fitting that this day falls on the same day as the last Presidential debate before what will be a ground breaking election. Poverty is the biggest killer in the world today. Poverty is often the direct cause of disease, lack of education, starvation, homelessness, crime, unwanted pregnancy/abortion, death, etc. It is an issue that must be faced if we want to progress as a nation, and as a world community. More importantly I think it's something that must be done to be the Church. Something must be done.

A few days ago I began to think about what I would ask John McCain and/or Barack Obama if given the chance. There are a number of issues that still haven't been addressed in well watched forums like the debates. I think that it is extremely important that both candidates more directly address their policies on the environment, education, the military, and so many more. But ultimately, if I could ask one of these men who will be the leader of our country one question it would have to be "What will you do for the least of these?" It's the question that Jesus asks of us in Matthew 25:31-45.

Poverty, and specifically poor people, are seen as plagues on the American society. We frown upon those who are products of poverty, we blame them for needing help and we fail to look at them as children of God. I truly believe that God is disgusted with us. Very simply and clearly we were told that Jesus would come to us in the form of the poor. Every day we kill him again by leaving him lying in a cardboard box, by refusing to buy a meal for him, by allowing him to suffer from a lack of education or water or heat, we kill him by electrocution and lethal injection. We kill him by allowing the poor, sick, homeless, imprisoned, orphaned, naked, diseased, hungry and thirsty of the world to die.

As Christians we love to go to conferences and to Bible study, we love to fellowship with the other believers, we are happy to wear cross necklaces and WWJD bracelets and put "fish" on our cars and pray before our meals in restaraunts. The money we waste on golden idols of our faith could be used to feed Jesus Christ. Surely we have failed to be the Body of Christ.

So today as you think a little about poverty (and about the presidential debate)remember that it's not just a nice thing to adamently fight poverty, but it is the holy thing to do. It is the work of the Kingdom of God and therefore should be the highest priority of our churches, our families, ourselves, and (wishful thinking) of the nation.



Well I'm sitting in yet another Hampton Inn watching TV and dreading waking up tomorrow to go to another college fair. I'm so over travling right now. It's part of my job, and I really like my job a lot, but I just get tired of this particular aspect of it after a while. I've definitely started the countdown to Oct. 24 when I have the last college fair of my busy travel season. Lord, let time pass quickly please!

I think part of the reason I'm having so much trouble with all of this is because I had such a great weekend relaxing with my incredible husband! We really just got to hang out together all weekend for the first time in a while. Friday night we got to spend some fun quality time with his family and then went to a surprise b-day party for his best friend! Saturday we laid around the house eating, napping, and even doing a little cleaning. Saturday night we went to a friend's house to sit around a fire in the back yard, make s'mores, laugh and talk. It was great! Traveling so much makes me feel so anti-social most of the time. I never get to see people and the past few weekends I've had to work on Saturdays too :( This weekend was so relaxing, so it definitely made it even harder to leave Sunday night.

On a completely different note, I'm thinking of starting a theme day here on my blog. I have a huge passion for sustainibility and social justice and I know of some really great resources that I'd love to share! I have several friends who do these (Wedding Wednesdays, Movie Mondays, etc - alliteration is an important part of theme days) so I'm thinking I'll start doing Sustainability Sundays! At least that way I'll be bound to writing at least one blog a week. (Sorry I'm a bad blogger!)

I should really go to bed now. Good night!


I know, I know...

I suck as a blogger. Sorry, but I've been driving all over the world (or at least South GA) doing college fairs and being fully exhausted by my job right now.

However, (other than my wedding/marriage) this week I experienced the most incredible and amazing thing ever to happen to me and you need to know about it.

So, in case you didn't get it already, I am a HUGE Hanson fan. Not the weird, stalker, I want to have your babies, kind of fan but a genuine fan of the music and Issac, Taylor and Zac as the wonderful people that they are. They are currently on their "Walk Around the World Tour". Before each concert on this tour they host a 1 mile barefoot walk in the city that they are in to raise awareness about poverty, specifically in Africa. The also generously donate $1 for each person who walks a mile with them to a cause of the fan's choice i.e. I donated my $1 to helping build a well in a poor African community. It's an awesome cause and if you want to learn more about how to help then go to their official website

I needed to explain that to explain this... I WALKED WITH ZAC HANSON! Before my beloved husband, Zac Hanson was the love of my life. Every girl has that one huge crush and he was mine.

Um, hi, can you blame me?
I have seen Hanson every time they have ever played in Atlanta and even traveled to NC once, but I have never met them. Until now. We talked, he shook my hand twice, and even gave me a baby wipe (to clean off my gross street feet - will I ever use it? NO!). It was incredible. He was so much nicer and more wonderful than I could have ever hoped. Definitely my greatest dream come true.

I have pictures, but haven't had any time to upload them, but when I do they'll definitely be posted here.


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