It's Thanksgiving!

Isn't this a great holiday? There are no expectations for gifts or extravagant plans, just a time for us all to be with people that we love. Even if your Thanksgiving is mostly centered around eating, that's still a great thing. Meals are a traditional time for conversation and pleasant company and of course, delicious food. I personally cannot wait for some dressing which is my all time favorite food! I'm a little nervous because it's my first Thanksgiving with my in-laws and I'm so used to how my family does Thanksgiving, but I hear the turkey is delicious so at least I know I won't go hungry! I'm sure that it will be a blast, and like I said in yesterday's post this is my first Thanksgiving with Derek! Yay!

So, what am I thankful for this year?

1. My husband. He amazes me every day. He works so hard as a full-time employee and a full-time student. I don't always understand how he can do it, but he manages with very little complaint. I love him so so so much!

2. A few days break! After traveling so much and then getting back into the slightly monotonous office work I am in need of it. And I know Derek needs a break. We get to spend 3.5 days together with no work to do!

3. My dogs. I know, it might seem a little silly, but our sweet little dogs are part of our family and I just adore having them around.

4. Stability. The world is in serious chaos right now, especially the economy, and I'm so glad that thus far we have been fine. I think this is the only good time to not have investments or anything. We had nothing to lose!

5. A God who speaks. Even when I'm silent, God isn't. God is constantly showing us new things, and giving us new lessons to learn. I'm so thankful to get to grow and learn all the time, even if it can be really hard.

So what are you thankful for this year? Feel free to comment, or share it with those who are close to you. Have a Happy Turkey (or Tofurkey for my vegetarian friends) Day!


Just one more day

Before Thanksgiving! This has been the longest day of my life and I can't wait to get home. But more importantly, I'm ready for Derek and I to celebrate our first Thanksgiving together! We actually started dating on Thanksgiving Day last year so this is the first year that we'll be together for this delicious holiday! Woohoo! Let the countdown begin...


Eventful Weekend

So this weekend Derek and I were pretty darn busy, but it was nothing too tiring. It was so wonderful to just spend an awesome weekend together. 

Friday night was the annual Night at the Dodd which is where all of the college's art students show off their best work! It's always so neat to see what my artistic friends are capable of and I was not disappointed this time. Derek and I even walked away with a beautiful pot and cup hand made by our friend Jordan and I was soooo excited about it! Then we headed over to Starbucks to hang out with some good friends we haven't been able to spend much time with lately. I decided to follow my lovely coworkers advice and order the Caramel Apple Cider. Let's just say that it was HEAVEN in a cup! I loooove that stuff and I think I could drink it every day. Well, I would if I could afford it anyway. 

Saturday after Derek got off work (yeah, he goes to work every Saturday morning at 8 -bleh!) we traveled to Alabama to see my Daddy since we won't get to see him for Thanksgiving. We didn't eat, but we did have a great time visiting with him! Our dogs especially enjoyed sliding around on his hardwood floors. If I'd had a video camera I would have recorded it because they were so funny! 

Saturday night we participated in an annual event for Derek's group of high school friends. They have Thanksgiving dinner together! Isn't that cute?! It was really delicious too. If you aren't up for cooking a ham all by yourself this year, just go to Publix and buy a precooked ham because someone brought one of those and it was DELICIOUS! Who would know you didn't cook the ham yourself anyway?

It was a great great weekend, but mostly because I got to spend it all with my husband. And... we've officially been married for 1/4 a year! I know that's cheesy, but I don't care. I love him!


Susainability Day is back!

Okay ladies, (I say ladies because gentlemen - you will probably want to stop reading RIGHT NOW!) I have been a horrible blogger lately because nothing is going on in my life and so I have nothing to write about. I haven't even gotten motivated to talk about sustainability. Until I ran across this article. I get the weekly Grist newsletter which always has great articles and tips, but it's also very funny which makes it an awesome read!

Well, when I saw this article I knew I had to share it. It's a review of eco-friendly feminine hygeine products. I will admit, I was visibly uncomfortable while reading this in the solitude of my office. I blushed a little. But mostly, I thought I can't wait for my co-workers to read this so that we can all laugh about it! Don't get me wrong, I might just try some of the more standard products that they reviewed, but there are a few that I just don't know that I could deal with. But I found the articles (it's a two parter so be sure to click on the link at the top of the first article for the continuation) informative and entertaining. And definitely eco-friendly in a way that you may have never thought was possible!



This always makes me laugh

So when I was little I definitely watched cartoons and Power Rangers, and all those class Nick shows like Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts, but I also LOVED Nick at Night. My favorite show when I was younger was Dragnet. It was in black & white. I watched super old shows like I Love Lucy and Doby Gillis, but the show that I watched religiously and could still watch over and over again today is definitely Designing Women! They still show reruns on Lifetime, but I'm never home to watch it. I always wanted to be like Julia Sugarbaker when I grew up because she's just so dramatic and really knows how to make a point. I still laugh histerically when I see things like this:

I wish I was a kid again...

So I could ask for this for Christmas!

This might not look very exciting, but let me explain. It is a 2.5 foot moving dinosaur! What kid doesn't want a dinosaur for Christmas?! Heck, I'm 23 and I want it. Yes, it costs $250.00. and yes, it requires 6 "D" batteries which probably cost another $250.00, and I'm sure that it will break within a matter of weeks, but it roars and moves and even eats (fake) leaves!!!!
This is the coolest toy ever. It's like The Land Before Time right in your living room. I so need this.



This is something that one of my friend's who is a nurse wrote on her myspace blog and it reminded me so much of my rant that I attempted on dumb high schoolers that I thought I'd put it here for you all to read. Can't you just imagine how some of these situations went down...

I will never be an ER nurse... because people like this piss me off and I will do all the things listed just to prove a point!!! it's L&D and babies for me!! not alcoholics who fell down....
1. Don't tell me you have abdominal pain as you eat doritos in my triage booth.
2. If you come to the ER by ambulance, the first thing I will ask you is how you are getting home. No, we don't have people on staff to drive you home, And don't tell me you don't want to "bother" one of your family members at this hour. You had no problem bothering 911 for the back pain you've had for months.
3. You don't get to pick your own IV site. This will irritate me and I will probably miss your IV on purpose and start your site in the place I wanted to initially to prove a point.
4. "Butterfly" is not an IV size, this word signals me to put in a larger bore needle.
5. Nausea is not a reason to come to the ER. If you are not in severe pain, are not vomiting or pooping your pants in front of me, your butt goes back to the waiting room.
6.How can you have the worst migraine of your life, but be able to yell at me about the wait after you just put down a magazine you were reading?
7. Don't ever say things like, "I usually get 4 mg of Dilaudid." Requesting your med and dosage will prompt me to squirt out half of the med before I inject, then I lie about the dose.
8. If you are allergic to Tylenol, Toradol, and Motrin, I have already assumed you are a drug seeker.
9. If you came to the ER having a family doctor appointment that same day, I will make sure you are still in the department well past the time of your original appointment.
10. I don't care if you are neighbors with the GI specialist. Unless he drove you to the ER himself, you can't be that friendly.
11. Just because, "my doctor sent me here," does not mean you get right back to a treatment room. This tells me you are a pain in the ass, and he's pawning you off.
12. The louder you moan/whine, the bigger size IV needle you get.
13. Foley catheters cure pseudo-seizures. They also cure intoxicated persons.
14. If you are on more than 2 medicines at home, bring a list. Don't say, "you know, the little white pill," I am not a pharmacist.
15. RN is not synonymous with waiter/waitress.
16. Don't bitch about missing breakfast when I'm on the ninth hour of my shift and haven't peed yet.
17.What gives you the right to complain about your sore throat you've had for a week while I have diarrhea from the antibiotics I've been taking for pneumonia so I can work my shifts?
18. Broken toes are not an emergency. We'll make you feel stupid by putting a little piece of tape down there and kicking you out.
19. I am currently inventing a trapdoor system in triage to be triggered when you say the word "toothache."
20. Cover you mouth when you cough/belch. This is just common courtesy. When you neglect to do this, I am tempted to bust butt in your room, then close the door.
21. If you tell me you have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, know that I'm rolling my eyes and thinking you're a loser.
22. If you list Haldol, geodon, Xanax, and trazadone as allergies, don't tell me you have no psych history.
23. Never sign in with chest pain because you were too embarrassed to write "penile sores" or "foul smelling discharge," This will piss me off that I bumped you ahead of other people and I'll make your visit horrific.
24. Although you've been in the ER four times this week, you cannot list the ER doc as your family physician.
25. Do not talk to me while I'm trying to listen to your lungs.
26. Don't tell me you have no money for medicine while you have a carton of cigarettes in your purse (next to your cell phone), and each of your seven children are playing their own PSP's.
27. Gravida 7 at age 22 means you are a slut.

I think 23 is my favorite...



I fear that soon my blog roll (aka the freakishly long list of blogs I read all the time) will consume the whole page. I love that my friend's have blogs and they let me keep up with their lives, and I especially love that my blog roll tells me which friends have posted most recently... but it's about half the reason I even have a blog.

Oh the things technology will do to us...


Nature or Nurture?

I have a confession - I'm a huge scaredy cat. I get super freaked out all the time and it's gotten increasingly worse as I've gotten older. I hate the dark, I can't watch scary movies, I can barely even watch suspenseful TV shows. Getting out of my car at night to go into my house takes an extreme amount of courage. Once, in college, I freaked myself and my roommate out so bad that we sat in my car for 30 minutes before we managed to force ourselves to get out of the car and run screaming all the way to our dorm room. If someone jumps out at me and yells "Boo!" I scream... every time. I hate going to the store at night. Really anything involving being by myself at night terrifies me.

I used to think that this was normal behavior. You should keep in mind that I was an only child and my mom was a single parent, so I wasn't overly exposed to other people's personal habits. I didn't realize until college that other people weren't so freaked out and paranoid. Anytime I'm outside at night I'm convinced that a man is lurking in the bushes waiting to kidnap me. Once I realized that this wasn't a rational line of thought that everyone had, I began to wonder where this was coming from. I got concerned for a while that maybe I needed to see a therapist or something...

Until last night. As I was packing up to leave my college fair I accidentally hit a button on my phone while it was still in my purse and called my mother. I didn't realize that I had done so until I heard yelling coming from my purse. I got out my phone, realized I'd dialed my mom and started explaining that I'd called her on accident. Her response? "Well, I just knew that you had hit the speed dial to call me because someone had kidnapped you and was raping you and I was trying to figure out how to tell the police where to find you." It was like a light bulb had gone off in my head. Well no wonder I freak out, I learned it directly from my mother! I informed her that if I ever were kidnapped and called her that I would be screaming out my location so until she heard that she didn't need to worry. But, it was nice to know that I'm not actually crazy... my mom just is!

For those of you who have children or ever will have children - be careful. They pick up the most random parts of your personality!


A great end to a great week

I think this prayer is a great way to end this week, and begin next week.

God Bless!

p.s. I kind of love Shane Claiborne - the guy who wrote the prayer. If you want a great read then pick up one of his books.

Why Thursdays are my favorite....

I love Thursdays! They are what I look forward to every week and here's why... TV. I know that's so stupid, but I don't care. I am obsessed with Survivor and Grey's Anatomy which come on right after each other on Thursday nights. Last night was awesome because both episodes were both so stinking great!! I won't bore anyone with details who doesn't watch these shows, but for those of you who do:

How precious is Bob on Survivor with his buff/bowtie?
How much do you dislike Susie and Krystal... and how hard is it to imagine that Krystal has an Olympic Gold Medal?!

Did anyone else sob like I did while watching Grey's Anatomy last night?! I love Denny! I love that old couple!
How hot is McArmy?
Who knew Christina had a heart?!
Anybody else think the way they had Hahn leaving was ridiculous?!
(In case you don't know, last night was her last episode because she got suddenly fired. They writers didn't really know where to take the whole lesbian relationship thing. Do these people not write stories for a living?!)

I hope you had a great Thursday too!



I'm not going to brag or rub it in or anything like that. I think John McCain was incredibly respectable in his speech and I know how hard their campaign worked. What an amazing campaign season this was.

I feel like I need to explain my love for Obama just a bit. You see, not only do I think he has great policies, but it's more than that. I was raised in a small town in Alabama and I am the daughter of two incredibly racist people. My parents regularly use the "N" word. My mother's greatest fear has never been that I will be harmed or killed, but that I would marry a black man. I have fought this hatred my whole life. I know that I am not African American or even a minority of any sort, but I do despise prejudice. So to see someone who is the product of an interracial relationship, and the son of an immigrant, and the child of a single parent, who fought his way to the top... damn it that's inspiring. It makes me believe that all my fighting with my parents has actually been worth it. I haven't been a naive little kid for so long, I've just known that more is possible.

I've never felt more patriotic in my life.


Sustainability: Advent Conspiracy

So I had already planned what I was going to write about as my sustainability topic for this week and then my lovely friend Danielle wrote a post that just confirmed that this was definitely the thing I needed to write about. God certainly does send us little messages throughout the day and I'm just glad that I recognized this one! So Dani Mac posted about a great organization called Living Water International which is a great organization that helps so many people! Definitely check it out.

But what I was actually going to write about it something that LWI has actually given a name to. It's called the Advent Conspiracy. Advent is the season in the Christian liturgical calendar in which we anticipate the birth of Jesus (woohoo!). So basically, it's Christmas. This year Advent begins on November 30th (look forward to it). Anyway, the point of saying all that is for anyone who isn't familiar with the Christian calendar and explaining what the heck Advent means. To best explain what the Advent Conspriacy is LWI made a video. Watch it now (don't worry - it's quiet, no talking, safe for work)

I'm posting this well in advance of Christmas because I know many of you are already starting to buy. So instead, why not stop buying? If you want to give to LWI then that's a great cause. But today I actually intended to tell you about my favorite Christmas gifts ever! World Vision has an amazing gift catalog every Christmas. You can actually purchase something (like 2 chickens for just $25 or a small business loan from $100-$1000 for a woman in a developing nation) and then World Vision will send you a card explaining that gift and the impact it will make. You can donate in a friend/relative's name and instead of giving them just another thing they don't really need you can make a huge difference in someones life! There are so many gift options that you really can personalize it for the person you're donating for, i.e., if you're donating for a child who loves sports then you can choose to donate two basketballs to children for just $16! What a great deal!!! Or if you have a man (or woman) in your life who loves to fish, well you can donate a brand new fishing kit to someone who could use it for business and for food and it's only $40! You know that button up shirt you were planning to buy would cost more...

There are so very many options! If you want to keep the funds here in the U.S. there are specific categories just for that or you can see all the other areas that the gifts are going to. I know this is a long post, but if you've made it here to the end then be sure to go check out the WORLD VISION GIFT CATALOG!

Bonus: It's one stop shopping!
P.S. Check out the Maximum Impact section - there are gifts that come with those donations!

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