Last Post of 2008!

What a year it has been! I got engaged and married, I got two precious dogs, and of course, I got this blog. It could not have been better. I thought that to end the year I would leave you with a final Sustainability thought for this year:

Make sustainability your New Year's resolution. Sustainability comes in many forms - environmentalism, volunteering at a local charity, donating money to a great cause, buying more environmentally and people friendly groceries/clothes/housing items/everything. Work it in to whatever you already planned your New Year's resolution to be. Want to lose weight? Vow to eat more organic fruits and veggies! Want to watch less TV? Replace it with volunteering at a local soup kitchen or women's shelter! Want to waste less money? Find a charitable organization that you really love and make it your goal to donate a certain amount of money to them every month. Then save that money by using less energy in your house!

Sustainability is a way of life and in 2009 I encourage you to make it your way of life!

So, what's your New Year's resolution? Mine is to take a picture every day (maybe I'll even post some here on the blog) and to clean a portion of my house really well every day (but with environmentally friendly products of course).

Happy New Year everyone!!!


Oh Glory!

It's time for Girl Scout Cookies again!
My personal favorites are Thin Mints.

What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?


Christmas Recap

Our first Christmas together! This would be the part where I put in a cute picture of Derek, me, and the dogs in front of our super cute Christmas tree right? Wrong. I am finally accepting that I'm bad at taking pictures. I just get so caught up in the moment that I never stop to think oh! I'd like a picture of this. Then later I wish I had pictures. I've been trying to think a New Year's resolution and maybe that will be it - take more pictures.

Anyway, it was a wonderful first Christmas and it definitely bodes well for all the future ones. IT went as follows:

1. The Saturday before Christmas we spent Christmas with part of my Dad's family which was definitely fun. We played Dirty Santa and had great food. Derek and I walked away with some coffee mugs and 2 Starbucks gift cards. Secretly we wanted the gifts that we brought, but we refrained from stealing them.

2. Christmas Eve we went to Alabama to see my Dad and the rest of his family. At this particular celebration there were 4 children so there was lots of unwrapping to be done! Derek got a pocket knife which might not really be his style, but it has come in handy recently so we're not complaining. I got a necklace. If you know me then you know that I don't wear necklaces. Or any jewlery for that matter. It's okay though because it was totally Derek's sister's style and she had no problem taking it off my hands.

3. Christmas morning we woke up and opened our gifts from each other. I gave Derek and iPod and a pair of TOMS (yeah, I know you're shocked). Derek gave me a TOMS t-shirt, the first season of The Big Bang Theory on DVD, a Harry Potter version of the board game LIFE, and a fabulous photo that my friend took that I've been desperately wanting to hang in my house.

4. We showered and headed over to Derek's family's house for what can only be described as complete chaos. There was wrapping paper flying everywhere. I'm still not sure what everyone else got, but we got some really great stuff so we were both excited! Then it was on to lunch with his family which was great.

5. Soon after we left for Valdosta to see my Mom and Stepdad so that was a fun 4 hour drive on Christmas Day. Did I mention that we had to give our dogs a bath before we left because they managed to get completely covered in mud at Derek's parents house?

It was definitely a busy holiday that ended in us getting a Wii (woohoo!) and Derek getting strep throat and having to go to the Emergency Room on Saturday night. Surprisingly I did get pictures of the ER but I don't think Derek would want me to put those up here. No one looks good with an IV. Don't worry he's much better now though and hopefully I won't catch it!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Now I'm looking forward to New Year's Eve!


If you don't already know me well enough

I think I've been "tagged" several times to do one of these I just never got around to it. But since today is such a slow day around here I thought I'd take the time to now.

So here are 7 things about me (I tried to think of things that people might not know, but sorry if you already do):

1. I LOVE to take the wrapping off of Cd's and DVDs. Particularly those strips of sticky stuff that hold the case shut, it gives me a freakish amount of joy.

2. When I was a kid I carried a book bag full of books with me everywhere I went. I can't even imagine how much money my parents spent on books for me.

3. I haven't said the Pledge of Allegiance since I was in the 9th grade.

4. Even though I'm a huge music snob and I really dislike cheesy Christian music I cry like a baby every time I hear that Christmas Shoes song.

5. I really want to adopt a child from every continent one day.

6. I never really liked dogs until I got one. Now I sort of love them all.

7. I would love to only wear clothes that are organic and sweatshop free but most of them are kind of frumpy I'm too self conscious to do it.

Okay now it's your turn! Go!

P.S. Merry Christmas


Attention All Animal Lovers

The Georgia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is in big trouble! They desperately need money or they will have to shut down. The SPCA does great work and so if you love animals and you want to help them out then go to their webiste http://www.georgiaspca.org/
and donate!

P.S. It's tax deductible! :)

P.P.S: Isn't this the ugliest dog you've ever seen? But he's like so ugly he's cute


Thought for today

For those of you who have facebook you know how the news feed will mention a story about a really random person that you are friends with and an hour later you find yourself looking at their second cousin once removed's wedding pictures? Well that happened to me earlier. Except it led me through a long line of my high school friends who I haven't talked to in a couple of years. If you've done that lately I wonder if you had the same reaction that I did today. What the heck happened?!

My friends and I were soooo close in High School. Like SUPER close. Most of these people went to my church and we were incredibly tight knit. We were together pretty much 24/7. I loved (and still love) them dearly. I was inspired by these people. We kept each other accountable, we encouraged each other, we supported each other, we learned and laughed constantly as a group. Eventually I moved away to college and so did some others, and we sort of lost touch as we began to grow up and change, but I still am reminded of them all the time.

This is a pic of my AP Lit class with a number of my good friends in it. Feel free to laugh at my hair.

Today as I took the journey through my HS friends I was amazed. What happened? My friends were the smartest people I knew! They all had plans to do these great things. I had great things imagined for them. I certainly never imagined that one of them would be working at Hooters. Or that another would be working at Publix with no degree (especially if you knew what a freaking genius this person was). I'm fine that they made different life choices than they had originally planned I guess it's just a bit of a shock to see how it all actually turned out. It's so very different than we had imagined.
I guess that means I'll have to wait and see how my besties now turn out in 10 years... good luck to us all!


A post about nothing

This weekend was so great! Why you ask? Because I had nothing that had to be done! I didn't have to work or proctor the SAT and neither did Derek! So what did we do?

Friday night we watched the original version of The Day the Earth Stood Still with some friends and it was much better than I anticipated. The message of the movie was actually very good. And from what I gather from the previews of the new version it will be COMPLETELY different. I'm not a big Keanu Reeves fan anyway, but I am a little interested in seeing how he screws up this movie. I probably won't be paying $7.50 to see it though. I'll just wait to rent it.

Saturday Derek decided to take up golf. Yeah, I said that - golf. So he and two friends went to the driving range to practice their swings. And just in case you were wondering he's been sore all week. Apparently golf is a great upper body workout. After his athletic morning we went Christmas shopping! We got gifts for pretty much everyone that we needed to, so I'm excited that's over. Now I just have to start wrapping (this is not something that I am good at and I kind of dread it). But we also got ourselves a little sursie (my friend's cute word for surprise) and got this:

It was on super sale and my husband really wanted it and we had the money to afford it so we splurged. It was our Christmas gift to ourselves. For the next 5 years. :)

I also got my dogs raincoats which are freaking adorable!

Sunday we went to our fabulous church, got some food and just hung out together which was great.

Monday I worked half a day, felt like I was going to die, went home with a fever, slept for 2.5 hours, watched Animal Planet, did not cook dinner because I felt like butt, watched the funniest episode of the Big Bang Theory ever and read Harry Potter until I fell asleep again. Miraculously I woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine.

Tonight we're going on a date to Callaway Gardens for Fantasy in Lights which I'm super excited about!!!


I'm bringing back Sustainability Day

I know, it's been forever since I've written about anything sustainable, but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking or doing things that are sustainable. Forgive me friends.

I actually wrote about this product in one of my very first posts but I thought it might just need to be addressed a little more. I'm talking about TOM's shoes. I personally think they are one of the absolute BEST products that you can spend your money on. What to know why they are awesome?

Here you go:
1. "One for One" That's the principle that TOMs operates on. For every pair of shoes that is purchased a pair is donated to a child in a need. Thus far TOMS has done "shoe drops" in Argentina, South Africa, the US, and they're getting ready for a drop in Ethiopia next.

2. The shoes are manuafactured in factories that practice completely fair and ethical working conditions, and now many of the shoes are being produced "vegan" so they are free of all animal products or byproducts.

3. They're COMFY! TOMs look a lot like slippers, and luckily they feel a lot like slippers too. If you live in a chilly state you can even get them fleece lined!

4. They're cute. I know, fashionable is a factor in buying shoes so TOMs makes shoes in a wide variety of patterns. Or if there's not a pattern or color that you like you can buy white and paint your own! I went to a TOMs Style Your Sole party and I made some pretty rocking neon pink and silver shoes and it was super fun!

5. They come in Men's, Women's and "Tiny" sizes so you can buy a pair for everyone you know!!!

Seriously, check out the website and if you're looking for a gift for someone who is caring, in need of comfy shoes, stylish, or who you just have no idea what to buy for them get some TOMS!

Great find!

Last week one of my co-workers emailed me a link and I just got around to looking at it. For those of you who like saving money and shopping online I introduce Coupon Cabin. This site has coupons for so many online stores and it's especially great at the holidays!

Have fun browsing!


Tear jerker

For the past few years the staff at the college have sort of adopted a family or two for Christmas. It's not necessarily intentional, but typically someone will know of a family that is in great need during this time of the year and bring it to everyone's attention and before you know it the college has rallied together to provide what we can for these people. This year is no different, but it's the first year that I've really gotten involved in this.

Two families were mentioned this year that were in need of help. The first one, a local bank had actually sort of adopted but there were a number of unmet needs that we could have answered (we found out today that the bank actually took care of every need. Way to go Charter!). But when the family was being described to us it went something like this:
"The people at the bank found out about this needy family so they decided to get a list of Christmas gifts the kids all wanted and then get those gifts for them. There are 6 children ages 16 months to 16 years old. When the oldest daughter was asked what she wanted for Christmas she said, 'A door for my room'. So the people at the bank decided that they would fit new doors on every room in the house. When they went to measure the doorways they discovered that none of the children had doors on their rooms, and they found the family crowded around the stove because there was no heat in their house."

The bank has since fit doors on all the rooms, they are in the process of installing a heating system for the family, and they have purchased a number of Christmas gifts for the children.

The second family is the one that the college is really striving to help this year. They are a single mother and her 8 children. The husband/father of the family was extremely abusive and when they got the opportunity the woman shoved her kids clothes in garbage bags and got as far away as she could. They have now settled here in LaGrange and we found out about the family through the daughter of a co-worker. The daughter is a teacher to one of the children in that family. A few days ago after collecting some goods from the college community the teacher told that little girl that she would be bringing some stuff to her house that afternoon. The little girl got so excited and asked what she was bringing. When her teacher replied sheets, towels, curtains and pillows the little girl exclaimed "You're bringing pillows? Will there be enough that I can have one of my own?!"

I cry every time I think about it. My eyes have welled up about 100 times today. That family has 3 beds for 9 people to sleep in. I can't even imagine what that must be like. It is a sad thing when a child only asks for a door, or a pillow for Christmas. Seriously, think about how often you take your bedroom door for granted.

We are so fortunate. Thank you Lord for reminding me of that.


I know what you're thinking.

Did I fall off the face of the earth?
Was I killed by a resurrected turkey since I haven't posted since Thanksgiving?
Did I actually reach my goal of eating my own weight in dressing?!

No to all of those. I've been meaning to take a picture of my Christmas tree to put up, but I haven't done it yet. And that's pretty much the only thing that I've had to post about at all so I've been reading everyone else's blog hoping for inspiration.

But alas, there is still no picture of our super cute tree. So instead I thought I'd share some exciting news with you!

I have some friends who are in this really great band. They're called After Edmund and they're incredibly talented musicians, but more importantly they are wonderful people with big hearts and a great sense of humor (I recommend you watch some of the videos on their page for a good laugh). But surprisingly this morning I woke up to find that they had been NOMINATED FOR A GRAMMY! It's just always nice to see good, talented people get recognized. Go After Edmund!

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