Spaghetti Brain

Things that are going on in my head/life right now:

  1. I just caused shock and awe to all 12 of you who follow my blog because I'm doing a post for the first time in 9.6 billion years.

  2. I learned from watching this Gilmore Girls clip
  3. We've won 3rd place at trivia several weeks in a row. I don't know if we're getting better or just lucky.

  4. I really wish I owned a house.

  5. The AT&T guy I called to talk about the internet the other day asked me if I knew what YouTube was. My internal response was, Duh!

  6. I am the least domestic woman imaginable.

  7. I've been constantly nauseous for 2 months and I'm not even pregnant (which is everyone's first assumption) so I have nothing to show for it.

  8. Being sleepy makes me reeeally cranky.

  9. I feel sorry for Iranians.

  10. It still doesn't make me proud to be an American, but at least my government probably won't shoot me.

  11. I wish I could fix the world's problems.

  12. I thought about Iran and then the Bachelorette and that makes me feel a smidgen shallow, but I'm going to blame my environment for that one. :)

  13. Hockey puck, rattlesnake, monkey monkey underpants.


JM said...

YAY Amber, I've missed you. #13 made me laugh #12 made me angry, because I can't watch abc.com over here and therefore haven't seen any of the bachelorette beside the 1st episode and random clips on youtube... and I heard the pilot got voted off and i was pretty much in love with him!
How is life?

Laura Ann. said...

You're alive!!

Monkey monkey underpants!

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