It's raining it's pouring...

Okay, so not right now it's not, but this Saturday when I have to work and when Derek is supposed to orchestrate the big move... it's supposed to be raining these:

and these:

So we might be moving TONIGHT!

Pray for us.


The Big Move

We start moving... tomorrow!!!
I'm so excited! We weren't supposed to start moving until April 1st, but after we both started thinking about all we had to do around that same time, we decided we better go ahead and get started.

We also found out today that they're installing new flooring in our kitchen tomorrow. That's awesome because the other stuff was kind of old and ugly. New house here I come!!!


Part sustainability, part news.


Okay, so I found out about a really cool organization today! Check out the Moju Project where you buy a (really cool) t-shirt and the proceeds feed a hungry child for a month! How awesome is that?! For a mere $25.00 you get a fair trade, non sweatshop made, ultra comfortable American Apparel shirt AND feed a child. Seriously, it's a great cause.


We're moving! Well, on April 1st. Since I started college I have shared walls/a ceiling/ a floor with someone else and I just can't take it anymore. So, Derek and I have been hunting for houses within our price range and we finally found one today! We will live here:
What makes it even better is that we'll live just down the street from our good friends Nate
and Katie! I am super excited and you're all invited over after we get settled in. Okay, that's a lie. I don't actually know all of you so um... I'll just call you if you're invited over. Otherwise, please don't try to find us. K thanks.
Have a great day! Buy a t-shirt!


Wants vs. Needs

What I want:

1. To move

2. About a million pairs of TOMS (they have the Spring Collection out now and OMG they're cute!)

3. Someone to come clean my house for me.

4. A vacation. Preferably here:

5. To go to grad school.

6. To be finished with grad school.

7. A whole new wardrobe.

8. A raise.

What I need:

1. More quality time with my husband.

2. To excercise.

3. To pray more.

4. To clean my own dang house.

5. To accept that what I have is way more than what most people in the world will ever get and I am extremely fortunate.

6. To not be lazy.

7. To worship.

8. A raise.



I might just be the laziest person alive. I woke up with intentions to thoroughly clean my house today. I had plans to organize, and maybe rearrange a few things and give the house a good scrub down. 

So far I've done a couple loads of laundry. 

Anyone want to come clean my house for me? Or just give me some sort of motivation?


Snow update

To preempt the inevitable snow "sickness" that people would suffer from tomorrow, all of the schools in our town are closed including the college I work for! 

Yay for snow days!!!


It. is. SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few things you should know:
1. I live in Georgia. I have literally seen snow 4 times in my whole life. 
2. Yesterday, it was 68 degrees. (that's Fahrenheit for my visitors from the U.K.)
3. Some churches cancelled their services this morning and I can almost guarantee that schools will be closed tomorrow. We will get a maximum of 3 inches of snow. 
4. Many people will call in sick because they have no idea how to drive in snowy/icy conditions. 
5. My husband is at work so I can't even go play in the snow with him and our doggies. 


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