Unlucky Sundays

I just thought I should let you know what my Sundays have been like here recently...

2 Sundays ago: The great flood. Our plumbing needed to be "Roto-rooted" (I still have no idea what that means) and apparently the only way to know that is to have your bathroom and your laundry room flood. With sewage. That's right people, I mean poop. My shower and subsequently my bathroom floor filled with poop. What did I do? Somehow managed to stop the flood before it hit the carpet. And dry heaved just a little. That got fixed and bleach got used in our house like it's never been used before. Sometimes I still feel grossed out when I get in the shower and I know how many times I've cleaned it.

Last night: About 15 minutes after Derek left for work last night, a huge storm came out of nowhere. A giant oak tree fell in our yard about 2 feet away from my beloved Honda Fit "Armando". It blocked my car in the driveway, knocked down a power line and we still have no cable or internet. 2 good things: I'm so dumb I thought that the sound of a tree falling down was just screen doors swinging open. (God please don't let me procreate - they'll never make it!) And I'm leaving to go see my mom in Valdosta for a few days so I'll have all the cable I want!!!

Have a great week!

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