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Tonight Derek and I went to a b-e-a-u-tiful wedding for my college friends Ryan and Danielle.
It was so perfectly them. I love that. It's so great when you go to a wedding and you feel like it really represents the people who were getting married.

Our 1 year wedding anniversary is quickly approaching. It's just 8 days away! When I think back to it, I know it represented us then, even though I think now there are things (just a couple) that I would change about our wedding. Nothing big, just color scheme or the tuxes the groomsmen wear. But one thing I don't think I'd ever change is our wedding music. I loved it. It felt like us.

None of it was traditional music. The wedding party processed in to "Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova from the Once soundtrack.

I walked down the aisle to Coldplay's "The Scientist"

"Better Than Wine" by Derek Webb was sang in our ceremony

and we walked out to Bright Eyes "First Day of My Life"

When people ask about our wedding, that's what I want to tell them. We had an awesome wedding soundtrack. Maybe I'll share more this week about our wedding. But that also might not happen. I'm not exactly consistent with this whole blog thing as you know.

If Dani Mac and Ryan are half as happy as Derek and I have been this past year, then they are lucky people. Their minister (and my former college professor) said in his homily tonight that they were really entering into one of God's great miracles and I completely agree.


Good stuff

Just as he did in this post, Jon Acuff over at Stuff Christians Like has hit another home run with his Serious Wednesday post. His posts on other days always make me laugh, but these Wednesday ones remind me of some pretty powerful things. Go check it out HERE!

And if you ever just want a good chuckle check out the rest of the website.

P.S. Things are good here on the home front. I know I haven't posted recently, but that's nothing new and I don't want to throw anyone off by posting too frequently.


Unlucky Sundays

I just thought I should let you know what my Sundays have been like here recently...

2 Sundays ago: The great flood. Our plumbing needed to be "Roto-rooted" (I still have no idea what that means) and apparently the only way to know that is to have your bathroom and your laundry room flood. With sewage. That's right people, I mean poop. My shower and subsequently my bathroom floor filled with poop. What did I do? Somehow managed to stop the flood before it hit the carpet. And dry heaved just a little. That got fixed and bleach got used in our house like it's never been used before. Sometimes I still feel grossed out when I get in the shower and I know how many times I've cleaned it.

Last night: About 15 minutes after Derek left for work last night, a huge storm came out of nowhere. A giant oak tree fell in our yard about 2 feet away from my beloved Honda Fit "Armando". It blocked my car in the driveway, knocked down a power line and we still have no cable or internet. 2 good things: I'm so dumb I thought that the sound of a tree falling down was just screen doors swinging open. (God please don't let me procreate - they'll never make it!) And I'm leaving to go see my mom in Valdosta for a few days so I'll have all the cable I want!!!

Have a great week!



Derek and I went to trivia in West Point as usual last night. The rest of our team, Dumbledore's Army, were gone/busy but we decided to play anyway. Well, after 20 questions and some crazy answers that we managed to miraculously know we were declared the winners! First, let me say that there were only 2 other teams playing. Second, let me say that one of those two teams was the best in the state and we beat their score by double!

But, I figured I'd give all of you a chance and see if you can answer some of the the harder questions we had last night. You can highlight to see the answer after each question. :

1. What Oscar nominated director also won a Razzie award for her performance in The Godfather III? Sophia Coppola

2. What 1990's Tom Hanks film featured the fictional island of Waponi Woo? Joe Versus the Volcano

3. What celebrity created the form of martial arts known as Jeet Kune Do? Bruce Lee

I hope you enjoy your little quiz and if you want to join in on the Trivia fun and you live in Georgia go to www.thetriviafactory.com and find a trivia night near you!


Spaghetti Brain

Things that are going on in my head/life right now:

  1. I just caused shock and awe to all 12 of you who follow my blog because I'm doing a post for the first time in 9.6 billion years.

  2. I learned from watching this Gilmore Girls clip
  3. We've won 3rd place at trivia several weeks in a row. I don't know if we're getting better or just lucky.

  4. I really wish I owned a house.

  5. The AT&T guy I called to talk about the internet the other day asked me if I knew what YouTube was. My internal response was, Duh!

  6. I am the least domestic woman imaginable.

  7. I've been constantly nauseous for 2 months and I'm not even pregnant (which is everyone's first assumption) so I have nothing to show for it.

  8. Being sleepy makes me reeeally cranky.

  9. I feel sorry for Iranians.

  10. It still doesn't make me proud to be an American, but at least my government probably won't shoot me.

  11. I wish I could fix the world's problems.

  12. I thought about Iran and then the Bachelorette and that makes me feel a smidgen shallow, but I'm going to blame my environment for that one. :)

  13. Hockey puck, rattlesnake, monkey monkey underpants.


Sustainability or something like it

There are few things that I have been motivated to share or take the time to write about recently. This article makes it easy for me to post though. If you want to know the kind of work I think the Church should be doing, this is it. That is what it means to be in the world but not be of it. That is what it means to stand up for what you believe in, not being in a beauty pageant or going on a talk show.
Maybe you'll disagree with it or not understand it, or maybe, like me, it will spark a fire inside of you. I want to radically follow the Gospel... I'm just too scared.

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